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If I Could … – Natalie Di Luccio


If  i could  change what has happened in the past .. i would change so many things ….

If  i could hold u in my arms one more time … baby me trust me i would … 

Just came across this song by Natalie Di Luccio,  and the above lines are an outcome of inspiration from the song. 🙂 Maybe i will expand them and maybe i’ll write down a song, i’ll try 🙂

for now u enjoi the soothing the voice of this very talented singer ..



Mixter Jazz



BeatZ UNLT’D (by GJN)

There is a new place to hangout  for all u music lovers out there !!

BeatZ UNLT’D (by GJN), a project by three people,[Guzzi, Jazz and Nuno] who share the common interest and passion for Trance music.
Through BeatZ UNLT”D we’d like to share with you the best tracks from the world of Trance music and various other genres.

So sit back , pump up the bass , and hit that PLAY button on your screen , coz BeatZ will blow your minds away !!

Click on the image below to get to the link or click on the web address.

Click on the image to go to page

or click here


Only Mr God knows …

Ever so often, you may have wondered …what for are we living ? what for are we weeping ? what for are we crying ?? …… well this singer from Latvia has made a nice song on this and she sang this during the Eurovison 2010 the song is called “Only Mr God Knows”

Sweet Lil something from Latvia


2.34am …

slept at 6 pm, woke up in the middle of the night and now can’t go back to sleep !  so what do u do when u r up early and have nothing interesting to do at this hour, well i listen to loud trance music ( of course using my headphone)  and i have got a few preset songs for the hour of need on my youTube account 😀

there just a few that i heard so far in the last 20 mins ….

So, until i post again this is JaZz signing off ..


Brisbane through my camera lens

This is my first serious attempt at clicking the scenic view of Brisbane City..

Enjoy and please do comment 🙂

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